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6 continents

Globalisation, where self-sustaining economies are seeking opportunities to merge into a strong, reliable, and trustworthy system. Khanna International Trading services is placed at the hub of this global economy, and we are creating a powerful connection through our worldwide network to move physical commodities from places of abundance to places where they are most needed. Our exposure spreads over the 6 continents and 50 countries connecting you to vital partners in any part of the world.

What we do


Negotiation of offtake and spot agreements within the Metal Mining companies, Oil suppliers, Refineries and Smelters.


Coordination of storage, packing, and transport for all mining, energy, and petroleum products with third party facilities including bonded warehouses to ensure a balance in supply and demand. 


Collaboration with companies that can assist in blending physical commodities to match quality, grade, or customer specifications at most terminals and warehouses around the world.


Coordination of delivery of physical commodities from areas where they are abundant to where they are in demand.

Why choose us


Our friendly and professional team is available 24/7 via WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype and phone to give you real-time assistance with any inquiry you need in a multi-language platform.

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